Remote interpretation

When sharing the same physical space is not an option, remote interpretation is a good alternative. Most events have gone online as a consequence of lockdown, but in reality, this format has certain advantages for the client.

Some features of remote or online interpretation:

reaches a much broader audience

no travel required: speakers and participants save time and resources

cuts down the overall event budget

reduces CO2 emissions

favors the creation of digital content

More advantages

Online events provide content for company websites and YouTube channels, while strengthening social media presence in general. At a modest cost (interpreting), it allows you to reach out to much broader audiences and distant markets. It is much harder to convince a physician to be absent from his practice for three days to attend a congress in Barcelona -with all the financial and personal costs involved- than to connect from the hospital for a two-hour online conference.

Reaches everyone

Saves time

Creates relevance

Reduces CO2 footprint

Some practical examples

Wide horizons

Corporate sales and communication strategies have changed radically thanks to online events. With only a marginal expense (interpretation), markets that used to be unattainable when participation required being physically present are now at your fingertips.

Makes many events viable

Highly specialized conferences that would barely attract enough people and would not be viable in an in-person format, are now feasible online.

Publishing world

Publishing houses no longer need to wait for authors to travel abroad for their promotional tours. They can now schedule interviews at the right time, for example, when the book’s translation is released, or they can organize events with bookstores or schools in different cities, etc.

Goes further

Researchers today have the possibility of easily reaching people who cannot travel to a major city. As an example, doctors and patients can now have access to specialized seminars without leaving their homes. Thus, doctors and patients have access to specialized talks without leaving home; or amateur astronomers who reside in remote places in search of clear skies to contemplate, don’t miss the world expert conferences that would cost to gather in a single space.

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