Gregory Kunde

May I just say a fantastic, bravissimo to our translator.

Charles Cummings

Thank you so much for doing such a incredible job translating at Barcelona Negra 2019.

Tom Wolfe

Janine took the words right out of my mouth and made them seem lucky.

Rory Simpson
Chief Executive Learning Officer

With equip d’intèrprets, participants forget that the message is being delivered in a language they don’t understand, and instructors can have normal, fluent conversations with those that don’t speak their language.

Marta Lacambra
D.G. Fundació Catalunya - La Pedrera

Working with them brings peace of mind, and we know that translation in our events will be hallmarked by their professionalism and friendliness.

Jorge Herralde
Editorial Anagrama

We would like to highlight the professionalism and the job well done. They translated for numerous writers and thinkers, always displaying a heartfelt connection and respect for the authors, to the satisfaction of the audience, writers and journalists alike.

Norma Vélez
Dept. Activitats, MNAC

We highly value the services they have provided at the museum: they prepare thoroughly for each assignment, master the terminology and concepts, and also provide an enjoyable interpretation.

Manuel Guerrero
Arts Santa Mònica

To make sure a flawed translation does not ruin all the efforts that go into bringing renowned artists to Barcelona, we have been calling equip d’intèrprets for over ten years now.

Montse Ingla

Every time they have worked for us, without fail, both speakers and audience have praised their work. They prepare for each session, but also possess great improvisation skills to handle unexpected situations.