About the founder

In 1992, the year of the Barcelona Olympics, I left the Autonomous University of Barcelona with a postgraduate degree in interpretating hot off the press, ready to spread my wings and explore the world of interpretation. The Olympic Games were precisely my first chance to catch a glimpse of the distinguished professionals who would later become my mentors in this fascinating learning journey that our profession brings to us.

Then came six years of work in Geneva, where I came of age as a professional serving at international organizations such as the UN, the ILO or the International Telecommunications Union. Later, back in Barcelona, I was able to apply what I had learned from acomplished colleagues and find my own spot in the local market. And, after having tasted the pleasures of living in various countries, I learned the meaning of East, West, home’s best.

I feel privileged for having been given the opportunity to be the voice of some of the most sublime intelligences of our times, such as Zygmunt Bauman, Yuval Noah Harari or Carles Capdevila, who cast light on the world. Of scientists like Francis Crick —who partnered up with James Watson in their ground-breaking discovery of the DNA’s double helix structure—, or Mara Dierssen —whose relentless drive for unravelling Down Syndrome has enthralled so many—, as well as hundreds of physicians and scholars who make this world safer and healthier for us to live. And of biologists, historians, climatologists, geologists, palaeontologists, journalists or demographists who describe for us what the world used to be like, what it is now, and what could be in store for the future. Of visionaries, such as the founders of Oracle, Facebook, Wikipedia, or Tesla, who currently shape the world. Of politicians who rule it, and entrepreneurs and investors who sometimes even overpower them. Of art conservators and curators who showcase the world and preserve its treasures for us to admire. Of astronauts, divers and athletes who push the world´s frontiers, and of farmers who landscape it and fishermen who live off its produce. Of novelist who concoct fantasy worlds, or describe their inner worlds, and of artists, photographers and performers who illustrate it and paint it with their own colours.

All in all, the only thing I can humbly say to all of them is THANK YOU for having allowed me to be part of your world for a fleeting instant.

Janine Schouten Fusté

Master’s degree in Translation and Interpretation
Postgraduate Degree in Conference Interpreting
Ranked first in UN competitive examination for Spanish permanent interpreters
Accredited by SCIC-European Commission
Sworn Interpreter
Spanish and Catalan A, English B, French and Italian C
Specialities: medicine, dentistry, automotive, art, international organizations, consecutive interpreting
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