Who we are

equip d’intèrprets was founded in 2006 by an enterprising interpreter with 14 years of previous experience in the conference interpreting sector gained in the Barcelona market, as well as in international organizations, such as the UN or the ILO.

We rely on a solid network of professional interpreters from different languages and specialties, as well as on experts in the numerous disciplines that current multilingual communication require.

We will find the best solutions with the best professionals.


Why choose us?

We are interpreting specialists.  For many agencies, interpreting is just a side activity to written translation.  Not so for us.  For us, it  is both our raison d’être and our greatest passion.

As with everything in life, there are good interpreters and there are worse. We work only with the best. And if, for any reason, we feel that we cannot provide a service that will guarantee success, we will tell you. You can find cheaper and less demanding interpreters around.  But most likely, they won’t provide you what we do. If you are looking for outstanding service, personalized attention and being in the hands of real experts, you have come to the right place.

Our reputation is the most precious asset we have, just like you.  Let’s not jeopardize it.

Our experience

+500 collaborators
+45 languages
+30 types of events
+50 sectors
+30 years of experience