Seth, the legendary author of graphic novels, presents the prodigious Clyde Fans,

a reflection on memory, the passing of time and the role of the artist in society. This acclaimed graphic novel culminates twenty years of profession for a man who, according to The Comics Journal, holds a spot among the Best 100 Comics of the 20th century with his book “It’s a Good Life, If You Don’t Weaken”.

equip d’intèrprets translated for him in presentations in bookstores, radio shows, live talks and interviews with journalists.

In order to interpret well, it’s essential for the interpreter to establish an emotional bond with the speaker. Interpreters need to be in the shoes of the person they are translating to express themselves as they do, but in a different language.

On this occasion, an illustrator in attendance immortalized us all as we did our work.

Interview on the radio talk show “El Bocadillo”, for the Spanish SER radio  station (interpretation between English and Spanish).